Hind's Feet Ministry
The Unfaithful Bride
By: Tolu Olorunnisola

How is it that I have ended in the abode of misery?
How could I have gone from a life of immense happiness to one in which
My only prayer is to be struck by the brutal hands of death?
This is my story; this is my plight and herein lays my demise.
From the moment I was old enough to appreciate the joys of love
I prayed to the Most High to send that mortal who would in
Every way complete me… and indeed my prayers were answered
For to me He sent a love that was beyond my wildest imagination
And so He came into my life and indeed I was in Heaven….
For one to care for me as much as He did, for one to love me this much
Was indeed a dream I prayed I would never wake up from….
To the world I boasted, for I had found He who was perfection in itself
I spoke of the one who exudes a confidence that man could only dream of
He was my lover, my heart my joy….
The great adjudicator of old Jehovah is His name, the first born from the dead
The Sun of Righteousness, the Light of the world,
Raboni, Mighty in battle… my Savior, my Lord, My groom…
The stars pay homage to your Excellency….
Even the oceans speak of your greatness
There is none like, no, not one…
But I was drawn away from you by that mirage of beauty and wealth
Drawn away from your throne of Grace by that façade of greatness called life
I was promised a joy and success that was greater than any I had ever known…
And so from you I walked away, wealth became my lover
Success became a god onto me
And it seemed I worshipped all the world was ready to offer
And so my sorrow began, my ascension through the valley of disappointment was inevitable…
And today, I mourn the death of a love that once was….
But like a distant echo I hear your voice in the silence of the night
I see your love for me in the rising of the sun as it warms my heart with your love
And shines your torch of forgiveness over my soul
I feel it in the caress of the wind
As it nurtures and reminds me of how much you care for me
I hear of your promise never to leave me in the mellifluous voices of the birds of the air
Who preach your good tidings and your promise of eternal love…
Jehovah Rohi, the true shepherd who pulled me out of the miry clay
Jehovah Shalom, my great lover who has spoken His peace into my life
El Elyon, to you I pledge all that I am,
And my life, my soul, my heart, and my totality
For all times remain embedded in the truth and eminence that is you.

By: Tolu Olorunnisola

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