Hind's Feet Ministry
The Demise of My Soul
By: Tolu Olorunnisola

I have been taken prisoner
In an oubliette of pain and dejection…
Sorrow has cast a mighty glow upon my soul
My sun has ceased to shine,
Leaving in its wake a caliginous blaze of unhappiness
The fragrance of unparalleled bliss
Emanating from the very depths of my being
Has been replaced by the awful stench of wretchedness
The mantle of success wrapped around my existence
Has been supplanted by the prolific quietus of failure
I have dined with the Lord of eternal damnation
Drank of the venom of destruction
And waltzed to the tune of misfortune
How did I end up in this quagmire of shame?
The gold of Sheba was my very inheritance
The silk of Persia, the linen upon which I laid my head
I was married to perfection itself, but my greed
Chased me into the arms of another
I was bride to the greatest of grooms
Yet, my avidity led me into the bed of several lovers
And now I find myself ridden with an incurable disease
Yes, as I whored my heart to the highest bidder
My soul became infested with that disease called LIFE
And now I must pay the price for my harlotry
I have become an object of disdain and repulsion.
The jury has returned, and the judgment rendered,
I have been found guilty, and now I must suffer the agony of death
But alas, my heart rejoices, for wretchedness will be no more
Misfortune will be banished,
And destruction will no longer be meal to satisfy my hunger.
Today, death has claimed my life…I am no longer of this world
But the dawn of another day will resurrect in me a new life,
A life worthy to be united once again in marriage to the great Bridegroom
Today, I am dead to the world, and tomorrow,
I will find life everlasting in Him who is

By: Tolu Olorunnisola

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