Hind's Feet Ministry
By: Rachael Olorunnisola

One mistake or an accidental slip into sin feels like a nasty obtrusive stain
It makes us timid for a day, or for the rest of our lives
We feel as if the wrath of God bestows permanently over our heads
We are ripped of our innocence and clothed in guilt and immorality

What we fail to realize is that
Just as dust fades away into thin air,
God’s anger lasts for but a second.
All he requires of us is to acknowledge our sins and ask for forgiveness
Is that too much to ask?
Wasn’t the price he paid for our sins enough?
Is this how we repay a soul so generous as to give up his only son?

Just like a doctor can heal our wounds when we take them to him,
God can forgive us of our sins only if we bring them before him.
His love for the sinner surpasses his hatred for the sin committed
All we have to do is ask,
And he strips us of our filthy clothes and dresses us in luxurious garments that drips
with the blood of Jesus and then great can become the ecstasy of our hearts!!!

“Though our sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow” ~Isaiah 1:18

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