Hind's Feet Ministry
My Crown
By: Tolu Olorunnisola

My Crown I have given away,
My Royal robe has been torn into shreds,
I now find my head adorned with the crown of decadence,
And my soul clothed with the robe of degradation.
I have become a destitute amongst destitutes,
Living in the very abyss of desolation.
Poverty has made my life its abode,
Depression has become the only tune I dance to.
Once a member of Royalty,
Dwelling in the greatest of kingdoms.
Now, I have become a servant to the lord of eternal damnation.
Injustice has taken me hostage
Chained by the shackles of immorality
And buried in the very heart of iniquity.
Yes, I have committed an odious crime against the Highest of thrones.
Indeed, I have brought calamity upon myself,
For I have failed to do the will of God.
For my sins He died, but for him, I have failed to live.
I have brought dishonor to the ultimate sacrifice He made.
But still, His love for me knows no bounds.
I walked away from His Majesty,
But yet, He fought to bring me back
I was faithless, but He remained ever faithful.
Unworthy I was to stand before His throne,
Drowning in an ocean of unrighteousness,
Yet, He stretched out His mighty hands,
Lifted me up and set my feet upon the rock.
He broke me free from the chains of hopelessness,
And put up a citadel of protection around my soul.
The pieces of my shredded robe, He has put together,
My nakedness He has covered with a robe of forgiveness,
And upon my head a new crown that for all eternity will be mine.
And in His kingdom, I will forever be.

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