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Welcome to Hinds' Feet Ministry

I was never a big fan of rap music, but this CD completely altered my opinion. This is definitely one of my favourite CDs to listen to. I can always find a track on here that ministers to my situation. I have watched this young man in concert on several occasions and I have gotten a chance to speak with him, and he is truly an anointed man of God. The CD is jam packed with songs that glorify God, convict and challenge believers, and melts the hearts of nonbelievers. I give this CD 5 stars and two thumbs way up. GET IT and let me know what you think: Click the link to purchase a copy of Who Is Twyse?

These are great CDs for every Christian. These guys are anointed!!! I got a chance to meet them and they are so sweet and down to earth. These CDs take a walk through the life of a Christian and everything (s)he deals with. There are songs that deal with temptation, needing Jesus, enjoying time with God, God's always being there for us, spreading the gospel and my personal favourites - WHY I LOVE YOU, BECAUSE OF WHO YOU ARE, which is just a song that praises God! I love these CDs!!!! Their father Ron Kenoly is also very good, I recommend anything by him.

I loved this CD. It had a lot of great songs that will minister to you. The famous "A Sinner's Prayer" is on there and if you haven't heard it, then you need to go out and get this CD ASAP!! There are upbeat songs as well as the more melodious songs. It was definitely a good buy.

I have listed some CDs and songs that really ministered to me. If you have any suggestions that aren't listed on here, please feel free to email me about them.

Music!!! Music!!! Music!!! Its all about music here


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