Hind's Feet Ministry
Do You See Him???
By: Tolu Olorunnisola

Do you see Him?
He who is indeed the lover of my soul,
Can you fathom His eminence??
For eons of years, I searched for Him
But yet within my grasp He always was
Do you see Him?
Look to the heavens and in the light of the sun you shall see his glory
Look to the stars and in their beauty you shall see his love.
Do you see Him?
He who is the Prince of my heart,
Singular in opulence He is
The One who with a word set the foundation of the earth
And made me king over all of His creations.
How great is he and how wonderful is his name
My King, the king of Kings
Indeed he is….
The Mighty warrior who goes to battle with the ammunition of His word
The One who commands the oceans and constantly they bow to the wonders of His might
The One who speaks and the whole world trembles
How marvelous are his deeds, My Love, My Heart and My Joy
For I look around me and therein lies the beauty of all that his hands have made…
So magnificent is his Majesty that even the heavens cannot contain his glory
And so to me He gave his heart, his peace and above all, his love
My Lord and My God,
You have taken residence in my life and taken precedence in my soul
Again I ask the question, do you see Him?
He who is indeed the lover of my soul?

By: Tolu Olorunnisola

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