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“Your word will never fail us.
Your word shall prevail for us.” -Tonex

God’s word is one of the most powerful things I have ever encountered. I can’t even begin to fathom the greatness in that wonderful book of life. Everything our small minds can think up is already in that book. There is healing in it, there is life in it, there is restoration in that book. Philip Yancey describes the Bible as the most important book ever written –a gift to us from God himself.

Many people feel the same way Philip does about the Bible, yet strangely, only a few people take the time to actually read it. Many Christians I have spoken with wished they read the Bible more consistently, many non-Christians believe the Bible is real, but they are afraid to read it, and others just don’t care for it. Where do you fit in?

The word of God is life and if you are sincerely looking for God, you will find him throughout those pages. You cannot fully experience the power of God until to find out who he is through his word. You cannot fully encounter his healing and delivering power for yourself until you seek it out. When you talk to God, he responds to you through his words. When you go through trials and tribulations, he delivers you through his words.

To all you Christians out there, you have to be more consistent with reading the Bible. Every time you read the Bible like you ought to, spiritually, your spirit grows. Treat the Bible like you do food for your body, because that is all it is, food for your spirit. If you have time to feed your body, then you should have time to feed your spirit. Be more mindful about this and give your spirit the proper daily nurturing it needs.

To the non-Christians, I dare you to try God. I dare you to experience this life that you hear so much about. I promise that your life will never be the same.

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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