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As in water face reflects face, so a manís heart reveals the man. ĖProverbs 27:19

Have you ever had a dream in your heart, and then done something else because you didnít think you could fulfill that dream? It can be an occupation, a major at school, a goal, a family, etc. How did you feel about the other route you took? Were you motivated? Were you happy? Were you disappointed?

Have you ever disliked somebody in your heart, and then had to pretend to like them? How did you feel whenever you saw them? How did you treat them? What did you say about them behind their backs?

Have you ever known what was right in your heart, but still did something that completely went against that? How did you feel afterwards? Were there any regrets? Did you enjoy the experience? What was the outcome?

You heart reflects who you are. If you have a dream in your heart, go for it and donít let anything or anyone make you feel you canít fulfill that dream. In this world, there are dreamers and there are those who dream. Dreamers just dream, and those who dream try to accomplish what they dream. What category do you fall in? You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Lay your dreams at his feet and make them his dreams, and then GO FOR IT!

If you have something against anyone in your heart, you will be miserable every time you come in contact with them. They donít know what is bothering you, so they go about their lives, but yet you constantly find yourself distressed over them. Deal with whatever grievances you have against anything or anyone in your heart, and if you canít get over it there, talk to the person that offended you and attempt to resolve the matter. whatever you do, do not try to pretend because what is in your heart is what you are. A man with an ugly heart is an ugly man. Your heart reveals who you are.

If you belong to Christ, your heart belongs to him. He lives in you and he directs your heart. If you find yourself going against what is in your heart, know that you are going against God. If your heart is not enjoying an experience as much as your flesh is, know that God is not enjoying it either. If you truly do belong to Christ, listen to the voice in your heart and heed to it. That is who you are.

As in water face reflects face, so a manís heart reveals the man. What is in your heart? Who are you?

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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