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Seeing that today is THE ELECTION DAY in the United States, it is befitting for me to write a little bit about that. I try not to express my political opinions, but it is important for us all to go out there and vote.

I am not going to tell you who I think you should vote for, but it is important for you during this season, and always, to be sentinels of Godís goodness. You can do this by steering clear of sin and exuding Godís righteousness in everything you do and say. Next, make sure you educate yourselves on the different issues and what the different candidates stand for. Donít make a decision just based on one issue; research the different candidates and see if their beliefs and morals match up with yours. Make sure you also consider what the candidates can do for you and what effects the elected president could have on your life and community. Lastly, be in fervent prayer concerning the decision you make and make sure that you are choosing Godís will.

I think that this is the first election that has left the Christian community so torn. After several debates and arguments about the presidential candidates, I have given up. This is a crucial election, and I just want to urge you to make sure you go out there and ensure that your voice is heard. Stay in prayer about whom to vote for, and most importantly pray for the nation and continue to be a light!

It is my fervent prayer that Godís will be done in this election and that he gives us the strength and tolerance to accept whomever he elects as president.

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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