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When Christians rush ahead of God, thinking they have the power to meet their needs, they experience disappointment, anger, frustration, etc. Why do we get so eager about things that we ought to put it in Godís able hands and be patient and just wait on him? We tend to pray and tell God to take care of certain things, but then when we donít notice anything in 24hrs we start to panic, and then we start to rely on others and ourselves.

I remember wanting something really badly, so I prayed about it. I told God that if it was his will, he should bring this thing into my life, but nothing happened. I started to get frustrated because I thought this thing was perfect for me in every way. I eventually turned to my friends, telling them to get me this thing I really wanted; I even started reading magazines about how to snag what I wanted. Why did I even give it to God if I knew that I was going to turn around and try to handle it myself? Was my faith in God so weak that I felt the need to turn to others? Whatever my reason was, it wasnít a good enough one.

If we say we have faith in God, then we need to have total faith that comes with patience. It may take a day, a week, or even several years, but we need to have patience. If it is Godís will, it will come to fulfillment at the right time. Donít mess up something that could be great because you donít have faith or patience. God prepares us for we want, for example, maybe what I wanted wasnít good for me, maybe God was preparing me for it, or maybe we just needed to build a stronger relationship with God before embarking on anything. Whatever the case was, I know God had everything in control, and he has the answers to all our unmet needs.

Patience and faith is what this whole Christian walk is about. God doesnít just give us anything we want just because we ask for it. If it is not something that is going to benefit us and give God glory, then donít expect to get it. So instead of spending so much time praying and trying to force God to give us something that Ďwe wantí, work on your relationship with him and tell him to have his way and give you what is best for you. If we, humans, had the power to get whatever we wanted every time we wanted it, this would be a really screwed up world because we donít know what we need. We are so blinded by our emotions and feelings that we often live in the moment and change our minds like the weather. Instead of focusing on what you want, seek first the kingdom of God and everything will be added unto you. God has the answers to all our unmet needs, so have faith in that and live a life of submission to His will, and he will give you the desires of your heart that are in line with His will for your life.

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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