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I am almost certain that you all know the story of Abraham and Sarah. Although they were both very old, God still promised them a child that would be born by Sarah. Because of disbelief and impatience, Abraham slept with Sarah’s maidservant, Hagar and bore Ishmael who grew to become a child of turmoil. What lesson can we learn from this?

The most important point that I want to focus on is the fact that God’s plan for our life often involves different timing than we would choose. We are trained to go for what we want however we can as quickly as possible. At work, we are constantly looking for new ways to become more efficient; at school, we seek out different ways to get projects done quickly; and generally in life, we are persistently trying to grow up quickly. However, with God, we are told to ‘slow down’ and ‘wait.’ But we don’t like this, do we?

God is omniscient, he sees what we don’t, and he knows the consequences of our actions before we undertake them, so it is absolutely imperative to have COMPLETE faith in his instructions. God has a purpose for our lives, he knows what he wants to accomplish in and through us, and so he gives us careful and easy to understand instructions on how to go about fulfilling. If we are wise, we will follow those instructions and walk in step with God. The Israelites were supposed to journey in the wilderness for only 40 days, but because of their impatience and lack of faith, it took 40 years.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of waiting on God! Even if you don’t understand what His purpose is, continue to trust him and remain patient. When in doubt, think about Abraham and the Israelites, think about Adam and Eve, and think about the many others throughout the Bible that had to face the consequences of stepping outside of God’s will. God is never late….he is always Right On Time. Don’t ever forget that! You can save yourself a whole lot of pain and heartache by keeping in pace with God.

(Topic inspired by Charles Stanley)

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