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After Bible Fellowship on Monday, a friend and I were ministering to some guy that walked by the room where we meet. While we were speaking, his friend peeked out of his room and came to join us. He said that he had Jesus already, but he wasn’t ready to start living the life of a Christian. When asked if he was going to join us at Bible fellowship sometime, he said that he couldn’t do that because there were “grimy people in there who did worse things than he did”, and he didn’t want to associate himself with phonies.

That comment left a lasting impression in my mind. It just proved that the world is watching us Christians with microscopic eyes and people are waiting for us to slip into sin so that they can somehow prove that we are not any better than them. Some might say this is unfair, but I say it is totally fair.

When we give our lives to Christ, we are not only admitting that we had a problem, we are searching for a remedy and are trying to be better people. What better way to do it than to have people everywhere watching us and convicting our hearts whenever we get tempted? It becomes a lot harder to sin because we know that we are being watched and judged. The world might not understand that Christians are not perfect and do fall sometimes, but they do know what Christians are suppose to do and not do. They are not going to judge us because we pray or read the Bible or are Christ like, but they will when they see us doing the same thing they are (living in the world).

What makes you different from the world? Is this evident to the world everyday? How would you feel if you tried to win a soul for Christ and you couldn’t because you weren’t any different from him or her?

Let us become more mindful of the way we live and separate ourselves from the world. If you decided to give your life to Christ, make sure you carry your cross after him daily. Make sure the world has nothing on you so that you can be a more productive Christian.

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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