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“God didn’t promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain. But he did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way.”

I was reading an article about someone who was questioning the existence of God because of what happened on Sept. 11. She said that “why would God allow all those people to die like that if he is so great?” This statement reminded me of the many movies and shows I have watched when people question God because ‘he let’ someone they loved die or let something bad happen to them. This is funny because when good things happen, they jump up and down thanking God, but then as soon as something they don’t like happens, ‘God cannot be real!’

When I see people like this, I always want to ask them that if God was so horrible to them or to someone they cared about, why did he let his only son die so that we might have a second chance to correct our wrongs? He could have changed all of that in the simple snap of a finger, but he didn’t because he knew that Jesus had to die to fulfill the scripture. This had to happen so that we could have a second chance at life.

Death is bound to come, misfortunes are bound to happen, tears are bound to be shed, but these are all part of life. God never said that these wouldn’t happen. He said that the Christian walk was not going to be easy, he said that we were going to face trials and tribulations of many kinds. If you know this already, why do people still jump at his throat because things are not always peachy? He promised that he would give you strength to deal with whatever comes our way. He said that he would be there to hold you and wipe away your tears. He said that he would be your light in the dark hour.

So instead of asking God why he let this person or that person die, or why he let something bad happen to you, thank him for helping you deal with the situation. Thank him for helping you get back on your feet after the terrible misfortune. Thank him for sending his son to die in your place because that is the only reason you are reading this today. Thank him because he is God and never will he leave of forsake you.

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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