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Why do you live on tomorrows? Why is it that you have a tendency to put crucial decisions, projects, assignments, etc off? Perhaps you do this because of some kind of insecurity or fear, or maybe you are just not motivated to perform the particular task. Whatever the reason may be, procrastination is not a good thing. It is even worse when it comes to your Christianity. For example, if God is calling you to speak to a particular person or to perform a certain task, and you keep putting it off, there can be spiritual consequences. You may miss out on a blessing from God, or may even miss out on enjoying the amazing feeling of having the pleasure of saving another person.

Whatever the reason for your lack of motivation to live and do today, you ought to bring it before God. Confess your weakness to Him and tell Him to work on it with you. Identify the areas in your life where procrastination is a problem (school, church, work, relationships), then try to pin point the emotions that come with this lack of motivation. Submit those emotions to God, and walk with him in faith so that he can rid them from your life. Whenever you feel the need to put something off, listen to the conviction from you spirit, and heed to it.

“Procrastination is the thief of time” –Anonymous.

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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