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The end of al things is near, so lets be clear minded and self-controlled so that you can pray. –1 Peter 4:7

I am pretty sure that we have all gone through days when we tried to pray, but everything just kept on TRYING to distract us. Maybe the telephone was ringing, maybe you just had a little too much on your mind, or maybe you just couldn’t concentrate on your prayer. I don’t know about you, but I for one have definitely found myself in this situation many times.

Why does this happen you might ask? For me, I think the reason why this happens is because my psyche is busy. I keep a lot on my mind, and people and things around me demand a little too much of my attention. Sin could have also perverted me so that I ignored my spirit (if I am even aware of it) and give my attention to the desires of my psyche and body. I can however not emphasize enough how important it is to mentally prepare for spiritual activities.

When we pray, it ought to be a special quiet time that we share with someone we love, respect and adore. This is a time when we not only get a chance to talk to the father; it is also a time to listen to him. As humans, our mind is always receiving input from our environments and we tend to be very sensitive to everything that is going on around us. Even Jesus knew this, that is why in Mark 1:35, it says that “Very early in the morning. Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.” It is very essential when we pray that we go to a private place. If distractions are too much, then eliminate those distractions. Turn off your phones, turn off the music and television, lock the door behind you, and totally prepare your mind to speak to and hear from God. When we physically prepare, it is time to work on concentrating. We ought to allow our minds to relax and focus gently on God so that he can transform our minds. Be aware of the presence of God around you. Paint a mental picture of him as you speak. In a nutshell, just try to quiet your mind and keep it stayed on Jesus.

All of these might not completely eliminate all of our distractions, it is however a start. The rest is up to us. We need to make a conscious decision today to try harder to prepare our spirits to talk to and hear from God. Let us not give way to the devil to take advantage of us. I challenge you to work on your concentration while you pray. Say a prayer right now and tell God to speak to you about inner stillness. He’s waiting, just talk to him.

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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