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I am so ecstatic right now!!! God answers prayers in the most miraculous ways. And I have a testimony that totally assured me of the fact the Godís thoughts are not our thoughts and neither are his ways our ways. Also he showed me that his time might not be our time, but it is definitely the perfect time.

My aunt was married about 9 years ago, but that marriage didnít work out. She wanted a child very badly, but that marriage didnít produce one. She eventually remarried about 3 years ago, but she was still childless. We prayed and fasted, and she still had faith, but to tell you the truth, I was starting to lose hope, I even once told my mom to advice her to adopt a child. I spoke with her a couple of weeks ago, and she sounded really sad about this. Although I didnít have too much faith, I still continued to pray and fast.

To cut the long story short, my mother called me yesterday and told me that my aunt is almost two months pregnant. So I thank God for this amazing miracle. I hope this story reassures you that faith, prayer, and patience work together. Even if it might seem like your prayer is not going to be answered, think again, his time is the perfect time. Be patient and just wait on him, while you continue to P.U.S.H (Pray Until Something Happens).

If we are faithless, he will remain faithful; for he cannot disown himself Ė2 Tim 2:13

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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