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I was talking to my mother yesterday, and we were talking about how I was (at least I thought I was) in love with this guy a few years ago. He was everything I wanted in a partner. He challenged me Spiritually, and he also made me want to be a better person. He was ambitious, articulate, and all that good stuff. A few years ago, he came to visit me, and all the feelings I had for him came back. I told him how I felt, and he said that he felt the same, but we should just take things slow to see what happened. I told my mother, and she immediately told me that he wasnít the one for me because of some family issues. I prayed incessantly that God would touch my motherís heart so that this guy and I could be together. I thought that it was fate that brought us back together, and God would make sure that we stayed together because it was his will.

The point I am trying to make here is that I prayed and fasted for something that I wanted. I tried my best to make myself believe that it was Godís will that things happened the way they did. When I prayed, I told God that this was his will for my life, but he replied telling me that he had great plans for me to succeed and that his thoughts are not my thoughts, neither are his ways my ways. It took a while, but I eventually realized that there are sometimes when we just have to let go and let God. This applies to every aspect of our lives. There are times when we pray for partners, jobs, friends, money, cars, etc but for some reason, we donít get it. God is telling us right now that his time is the right time, and that he has our lives mapped out. Maybe the thing that you are praying for is something that is a hindrance to the plans that God has for you. Maybe that person or thing is not what we need in our lives.

I promise you that God has your best interest at heart, and you just have to give him a chance to fulfill his purpose for your life. Donít spend all your time focusing on a closed door that you fail to see the other door that God has opened for you. He said that he would never leave or forsake you; so donít make him out to be a liar. Trust in him and have faith that he will grant you the heart desires that will benefit you.

Sometimes you have to get left to get right!!! There are sometimes when you just have to let go and let God.

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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