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Why is it that many Christians are so quick to judge others who are not like them? I was talking to some fellow Christians a few days ago, and when another girl, who was also a Christian that was dealing with some issues passed by they said; ďI thought she was a ChristianĒ.
Even if we donít think we do, I am sure that at some point we have all judged someone else based on one thing or the other. We are so quick to look at the speck in our brotherís eye that we ignore the log in ours. Who are we to judge another?

In Romans 14, Paul spoke about the weak and the strong. He explained that there were some people that considered one day more sacred than the other. There are people who donít eat some type of meat for a reason or the other. There are people who do certain things that others might feel are wrong, but then maybe it isnít wrong for them. We canít go around judging people because we personally consider something wrong. Donít place stumbling blocks in your brotherís way.

We have ABSOLUTELY NO right to judge anyone, instead let us make up our minds to build each other up with kind and encouraging words. This Christian walk is not about what we think is right for someone else, it is about what convicts us individually. Paul says everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial. It is about PERSONAL conviction. Use your words with wisdom, you will be judged by them on judgment day!

Be careful! One manís meat is another manís poison.

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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