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When he had finished washing their feet, he put on his clothes and returned to his place. ~John 13:12

Why do you think Jesus did this or acted like this at this time in the ministry? Everyone knew how great he was, but he still humbled himself enough to wash his discipleís feet. When Jesus left the earth, he intended for us to keep the torch burning and continue to do what he was doing. He intended for us to be Jesus to others in his absence, to play the role he played while he was on earth.

So brethren, think about it. Are there people you need to serve? Would it be a risk to help them? Do you feel like you have nothing to offer? Do you sense the people donít need help? Or do you just get shy? Whatever your response is, just think about why Jesus did it. He did this to show how much he loved and cared for his disciples. He did it to teach all of us a profound lesson in servanthood. He did it to show what he meant by leadership.

Now that you know what we ought to do, I challenge you to go out into the world today and try to be like Jesus. I challenge you to go out there and humble yourselves. Help others, care for one another, give sacrificially, etc. Become like a servant and just watch how he miraculously lifts you up!!!

Today is World's Aids Day. There are so many children out there that live in aids infested areas and cannot do anything to save themselves. I urge you dear friends to do something to help. Please visit Sponsor a Child to see how you can affect change. See how you can be like Jesus to someone today.

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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