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Our God is a very mysterious God. Isaiah 55:8 says ďFor my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways,Ē declares the Lord.

There are many things that happen that we donít understand, but I am learning to accept them now. When certain things didnít go my way in the past, I used to question God and think he shut his ears to my prayers. I thought this happened because I wasnít righteous enough or just because I didnít pray hard enough. But then, like the verse above says, his thoughts are not our thoughts! He sees things that we do not see, and he knows what we donít know so who are we to question his reasoning?

Some of us go through a relationship for years, and we think the person we are with is going to be with us for the rest of our lives, and then just like that it ends. You wonder what you did wrong, or why God would send you this person if they were not the right person. Why would God want to hurt you like that? He said that the plans he has for you are the plans to succeed. 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18 says, ďBe joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is Godís will for you in all circumstances.Ē God will never hurt his own. He always has our best interest at heart even though we might not understand that. As humans, we tend to seek out present satisfaction, but God gives us everlasting satisfaction. The fact that someone seemed like ďthe oneĒ doesnít mean that he/she was the person that God had in mind for you. He could have put you in that relationship to prepare you for ďthe oneĒ, or maybe he just used it to restore your faith in him, or maybe it wasn't his will for you to be in the relationship. Whatever the case may be, he has your best interest at heart so donít ever doubt him. His time is the perfect time and all you have to do is wait on him.

This does not just apply to relationships. We can apply to every aspect of our life. I went through a situation a few years ago that made this sermonette real to me. I prayed to God that things would work out the way I wanted them to, but they didnít. I was hoping to get a job that provided me with some financial assistance for school, but it didnít work out. I was very hurt when I found out, but I tried to have faith even though it was terribly difficult. A few weeks later, God opened another door and blessed me with a job that paid for 100% of my tuition, and provided me with an apartment and a very convenient schedule. Indeed his thoughts are not our thoughts, neither are his ways our ways. I know that he has a plan for my life, and I will succeed.

Donít give the devil a foothold. Donít ever doubt what God is doing. His thoughts are not your thoughts; neither are his ways your ways, so just be patient and wait on the Lord. Have faith in him and let every heartbreak, every disappointment, and even every joyous event draw you nearer to him. Remember how Job was tested? Let that guide you. Donít question Godís motives, just continue to believe and live a righteous life and his will for your life will surely be done.

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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