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What makes you happy?
I was speaking a man I met sometime last week, and he was telling me about how he became so successful and wealthy. As I listened to him speak, I started to think of some other conversations I had with other people, and the commonality in their stories was the notion that they did what made them happy.

I see many people today dreading going to work, dreading going to class, dreading going home, etc. Why would you want to work at a place, live in a home, or be in a relationship that does not make you happy? You may say it is because you cannot do any better, or because you are comfortable, but what kind of life are you really living?

You will not be able to perform at 100% if you are not doing something you love! You will not be able to give yourself completely if you are not in a relationship that you love. You will never be comfortable if you are not in a place that you love. What makes you happy? What do you love?

God is calling you today to step outside of your comfort zone and do something you love. God is calling you today to get out of that relationship that makes you unhappy and wait until you find your perfect mate to you. God is calling you today to become proactive about finding a job that will make you happy. God is calling you to do all of these with his help.

The only thing that stands between man and his dreams is man himself! Why are you so scared to challenge yourself? Why do you have so little confidence in your abilities? God says in his words that with him all things are possible, and if you have him, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about. You may face obstacles along the way, but anything or anyone worth having is worth fighting for!

Millions of people die without ever finding the person or doing the thing that makes them happy, but God is giving you the opportunity today to trust him enough to help you find your happiness.

I ask you theses again brethren; what/who makes you happy? What or whom do you love? Then affirm this, with God’s help and his grace; I challenge you to find that thing or that person and take action!

“Your happiness should never be something you settle for.”-Rachael

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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