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Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable –if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things. –Philippians 4:8

One of the biggest problems many of us have is guarding our thought life. Paul knew this and that was why he wrote the above verse in his letter of exhortation to the Philippians. He thought it important to warn them about the detrimental effect that a bad thought life could have on them and to instruct them on how to enjoy a godly thought life.

Whenever you find yourself struggling with thoughts, do a quick test using the following directions, and if it fails the test, immediately replace it with the word of God.

IS THE THOUGHT TRUE? Don’t allow anything that you know is untrue to dwell in your minds because the more you meditate on something false, the more you start to view it as truth, and this can be very dangerous to you and to people who listen to you.

IS THE THOUGHT NOBLE? There are some thoughts that aren’t necessarily dishonest, but are just inane in nature. They are silly thoughts that shouldn’t be crossing the minds of a Christian (I want to give examples, but I’d rather not put any ridiculous thoughts into your heads).

IS THE THOUGHT JUST? Have you ever tried to get over on someone through trickery? Through a “white lie”? When thoughts like that creep in, get rid of them immediately! They are not of God and should have no place in your minds.

IS THE THOUGHT PURE? Can you say about the thought, “Lord I worship you with this thought?” Can you tell you parents or children about your thought? If not, it isn’t godly and shouldn’t be on your mind.

IS THE THOUGHT LOVELY? Does the thought stir up love? Or would it bring about dissension?

If we can attempt to always be mindful of this checklist, we will enjoy a more godly thought life.

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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