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God is calling
“When I called, they did not listen; so when they called, I would not listen," says the Lord Almighty. –Zechariah 7:13

Have you ever felt like the Jews felt when they heard the verse above? Have you ever done what the Jews did here? I know I have.

Many times, we deafen our ears to God. He tells us to do or not to do something, but we ignore it and continue to follow our selfish desires and do whatever we want. But then, at some point when we’ve hit ‘rock bottom,’ we turn to God and expect him to listen to us because “he loves and cares for us.”

God loves and cares for you, but how would you feel if someone you loved and cared for kept on slapping you in the face and going against everything you wanted them to do. It isn’t a good feeling, and no one deserves to go through that, but wecontinue to put him through it! He is so patient with us, he is so generous and merciful towards us, but he is urging us here not to test that patience. The Israelites did this for a long time, and God got to the point where he had enough and wasn’t going to deal with their ignorance anymore.

I think God is getting to that point with us. There are too many people taking God for granted! There are too many people that only call him when they need something… too many people that serve him only on Sundays, too many 'Christians' out there glorifying the Lord in the same breath they use to glorify the world, too many people selling their morals on a table of utter degradation, too many people are still hiding in the closets about their Christianity, too many people destroying the Church, too many are breaking down the walls of the temple of the Holy Spirit. When is his patience going to run out? When are we going to push him to the point when he turns a deaf ear to our prayers? When?

I hope we never reach that point...He is calling! He is calling! He is calling!

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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