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Don't deny God as king
I was reading the book of Samuel about how the Israelites basically denied Samuel, who had been the judge of Israel his whole life, as their king. Even God said that they had denied him as their king since he rescued them from Egypt. When the came to Samuel about wanting a king, he explained to them all the down sides of having a king but they still wanted one, so God told Samuel to appoint a king for them.

The main point that I am trying to make here is that there are many times when we get so caught up on having a leader or king figure in Church, fellowships, etc that we are pretty much denying God as king. The pastor is definitely an essential figure in the Church, but donít make him the only reason why you go to Church. For example, donít miss service just because you know that the pastor is not going to be there, donít depend on the pastor so much that you lose faith in God. Donít make your pastor into a god! I remember going to a Church where they dedicated a whole Sundaysí service to praising the pastor because it was his anniversary. They made roses out of money and had about 50 people stand in a line and walk up one by one to present him with these money roses. Where is God in this whole equation?

Brethren let us take heed today. Donít deny God as the king of your heart! When you start to idolize another human being, he takes the place of God, and I am sure we donít want that. God said that he is a jealous God. He does not want to share his throne or position with anyone else. DO NOT TEST GOD!!!! If you play with fire, you will surely get burned!

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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