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I was reading the story in the Bible in Mark 6:30-44 about Jesus feeding the five thousand. As I read, God spoke volumes to me just as he had done the night before with a similar story in a book I was reading called “Passion and Purity”. As I read this story, I noticed that a key event happened that God expects from all of us as Christians. Jesus told his disciples to feed the multitude, but they said that they only had 5 loaves of bread and two fish. What did Jesus do? He said GIVE ME ALL YOU HAVE, and he blessed it and the food multiplied to enough food for 5000 people.

The point that I am trying to make here is that when we go before God with requests, he expects us to give him all that we have, in order to bless it. For example, a few years ago, I went to Church with $7 in my purse and I already planned to get some food with it on the way back to school. I realized that I needed some more money for something else I had to do, so I got down on my knees and prayed. In response to my prayers, God asked me to give all the money I had in an offering. I thought this was a bit ludicrous, but I decided to trust God, so I gave the $7 up. After the service was over, I was a bit disappointed because I was leaving with nothing, but before I walked out the door, 4 people just gave me money…I left Church that day with $86. Now tell me that was not the hand of God!

When you pray to God for a husband or a wife, he expects you to leave your heart completely in his hands, and then he blesses it, and at the right time, your spouse walks in or back into your life. When Abraham prayed for a child, he got it, but God immediately asked him to sacrifice that child. But before they birth Isaac, Sarah and Abraham found it a bit difficult to trust God and so they took matters into their hands and bore Ishmael (Abraham’s PROBLEM child with his maid Hagar).

What is it that you are seeking God for? He is telling you today to cast all your cares on him and lay everything you are and you have at his feet. He is calling you to COMPLETELY put all of your trust in him and just wait in patience as he works his wonders in your life. He is telling you to give him what you have right now so that he can multiply it ten-fold. Take Job as an example, he lost everything and gained back two times what he had. Are you ready to lose everything to God in order to gain more? Then give it all to him; your hopes, your dreams, your desires, your money, your time, you heart, your everything, give it all to him. God is ready to tremendously bless you, but you have to put it all on the table, you have to first GIVE IT ALL TO HIM!

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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