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Looking in the Mirror
ďThe only thing that lies between man and his dream is man himself.Ē ĖDammy O.

I have been feeling very out of it a lot lately, and I havenít been very motivated to do much of anything. For days I wondered what the problem was and why I couldnít just get over myself. A friend called me with a similar dilemma, and I was very quick to advice her.

I often find myself giving people advice on how to go about doing different things. I have given advice about getting organized, planning things out and then executing. I have given advice about doing one thing at a time, finishing, and then moving on to the next. I have advised about seeking God in all situations and really letting him take control. Through all of these, I sometimes forget about the person in the mirror.

Does this sound like you? Do you ever find yourself helping everyone out, but canít seem to help yourself? Do you find it hard to take to your own advice? Well it is time to get control back! Make a conscious effort to apply the advice you give to others on yourself. It is easier said than done, but the more conscious you are about it, the better you can take to your own advice. If you tell someone to get organized, take a look at your life and see how organized you are and make the necessary changes.

Day after day, I write these daily inspirations, and sometimes, I donít even follow them. What does that make me? A hypocrite! We all need to learn to start taking out the logs in our eyes before we try to take the specks out of our brotherís eyes. I am being transparent now because I should be held accountable. How can one learn to teach if they haven't first been a student? How can one lead if they never experienced what it felt like to follow? How can one correct, when in fact they are wrong? Changes need to be made in most of us, and the first step is to acknowledge that there is a problem and then the next step is to find a solution.

How do we know what the solution is? Think about the advice you have given in the past to people who had similar problems, and take to them. Look in the mirror and help the person you see just like you would with anyone else. You know what to do, but the question is; are you going to do it? What is stopping you?

Seek God and GET MOTIVATED! Make up your mind to do something and make it happen.
Stay blessed and spread the word.

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