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Welcome to Hinds' Feet Ministry

March 15th April 1st June 1st July 1st September 1st October 1st November 1st December 1st
March 16th April 2nd June 2nd July 2nd August 2nd September 2nd November 2nd December 2nd
March 17th April 3rd May 3rd June 3rd August 3rd September 3rd November 3rd December 3rd
March 18th April 4th May 4th June 4th August 4th October 4th November 4th
March 19th April 5th May 5th August 5th October 5th November 5th
March 20th April 6th May 6th July 6th August 6th September 6th October 6th December 6th
March 21st April 7th May 7th June 7th July 7th September 7th October 7th December 7th
March 22nd April 8th May 8th June 8th July 8th September 8th October 8th November 8th December 8th
March 23rd April 9th May 9th June 9th July 9th August 9th September 9th November 9th December 9th
March 24th April 10th & 11th May 10th June 10th July 10th August 10th September 10th November 10th December 10th
March 25th April 12th May 11th June 11th August 11th October 11th November 11th
March 26th April 13th May 12th July 12th August 12th October 12th November 12th
March 27th April 14th May 13th July 13th August 13th September 13th October 13th December 13th
March 28th April 15th May 14th June 14th July 14th September 14th October 14th December 14th
March 29th April 16th May 15th & 16th June 15th July 15th September 15th October 15th November 15th December 15th
March 30th April 17th & 18th May 17th June 16th July 16th August 17th September 16th November 16th December 16th
March 31st April 19th May 18th June 17th August 18th September 17th October 18th November 17th December 17th
April 20th May 19th June 18th July 19th August 19th October 19th November 18th
April 21th May 20th July 20th August 20th September 20th October 20th November 19th December 20th
April 22nd May 21st June 21st July 21st September 21st October 21st December 21st
April 23rd May 24th June 22nd July 22nd August 23rd September 22nd October 22nd November 22nd December 22nd
April 26th May 25th June 23rd July 23rd August 24th September 23rd November 23rd December 23rd
April 27th May 26th June 24th July 26th August 25th September 24th October 25th November 24th December 24th
April 28th May 27th June 25th July 27th August 26th September 27th October 26th November 25th December 27th
April 29th May 28th June 28th July 28th August 27th September 28th October 27th November 26th December 28th
April 30th May 31st June 29th July 29th August 30th September 29th October 28th November 29th December 29th
June 30th July 30th August 31st September 30th October 29th November 30th December 30th December 31st

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This page is a personal outreach of Hind's Feet Ministries. The daily inspirations are a compilation of daily mailings that have gone out since 2000. If I can do anything to assist you or your ministry in anyway, or you have a reference you would like to share, please feel free to drop me a line at chosenbygrace83@hotmail.com. Peace.