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David's Passion for the Word
As I read Psalm 119 this morning, I became envious (in a good way).

I lift up my hands to your commands, which I love ĖPsalm 119:48 David did not see Godís laws (his words) as rules and regulations; he heard the loving voice of someone that he was in love with. Can you ever see yourself writing a love song about laws? How do you fall in love with the law? Donít know? Then let me ask you this, are you in love with God? If you truly are in love with God, you will love everything about him, and you will hear his loving voice even in his laws, and that is how you fall in love with his laws. I challenge you to FALL IN LOVE WITH GOD!

To all perfection I see a limit; but your commands are boundless ĖPsalm 119:96 I was envious at how free David felt. New Christians and non-believers usually assume that being a Christian is so restrictive, but actual experience shows that God liberates us by freeing us from the bondage of sin and filling us with His boundless wisdom. David expresses that only in following Godís commands can a person escape this frustrating sense of boundaries. The only bondage that you as a Christian can ever find yourself in is the one you put yourself in. I challenge you to drench yourself in the boundlessness that is God!

The wicked are waiting to destroy me, but I will ponder your statutes. ĖPsalm 119:95 It was good for me to be afflicted so that I might learn your decrees ĖPsalm 119:71 Even in Davidís trials, he learned to hang on to Godís wisdom as a source of refuge and as a safe haven. Godís words were even so valuable to him that it caused him to rejoice in his afflictions. Why donít you let Godís words do that for you? Let His words become your comfort in the time of trouble and strength in your time of need. I can go on for days about David and his passion for the word of God, but the point I am trying to make is that he finds more than rules and guidelines in Godís word, he finds more than direction. He finds God himself in them and that is as good as it could possibly get. You too can get to this place, you too can become passionate about the law of God, and you too can find God in his words. Meditate on Godís words, let them be life to your soul, let them be a lamp to your feet, and most of all, find Godí loving voice in them, and you will certainly find Him.

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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