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You are still carnal. For since there is jealousy and quarrelling among you, are you not carnal? Are you not acting like mere men? Ė1 Corinthians 3:3

If you look at this scripture, you will see how Paul saw the Corinthians. In the first verse, he says ďBrethren, I could not address you as spiritual but as worldly (carnal)-mere infants in Christ.Ē What category do you think you would fit into? Spiritual? Carnal?

Many Christians fit into the carnal category. When I say carnal, I mean fleshly people. We really canít say that we are in Christ if we still live in the world, satisfying the desires of the flesh. We canít call ourselves Christians and still continue to engage in premarital sex, homosexuality, lying, stealing, killing, adultery, drunkenness, witchcraft, hatred, debauchery, etc. These things are contrary to the Spirit.

Although we are not perfect, we all fall sometimes, but we cannot continue to live in sin. Saying that we are human and are all bound to sin can sometimes be a cheap copout. We cannot cheapen the blood of innocence like that. Christ died to save us from sin, not so that we can continue to sin. We need to think about what we are really doing here on earth. Are we worshipping God or our flesh? Are we going to choose life or eternal damnation? Are we serving the Kingdom? Are we serving the world? We cannot serve to masters, so who will it be?

If you fit the description of a carnal Christian, the hardest thing to do is to admit to yourself that you are not on the right path. Once you can be honest with yourself, turn to God for help, and I assure you that although it will be hard, it will definitely be worth it. Is it giving up sex? Is it giving up stealing? Jealousy? Drunkenness? Whatever it may be, talk to God now and tell him you need his help. Tell him that you want to give up your carnal life. Tell him to give you strength to come out on top through the process.

If you still feel weak, turn to another Christian who might be stronger in faith than you are and open up to them. Humble yourself and make that call or send the email. Tell them that you need their support, and I can promise you that once you do it, the hardest part is over. Although there will be difficult trials and temptation ahead, if you continue to stand in Godís will, you will always come out on top. God has conquered the world and so can you, if only you live in him.

Send me an email, and Iíll pray with you! There is nothing to be embarrassed about; we have all been there. It is imperative that we come into the light today. Think about it.

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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