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Growing up, I heard many sermons about being used by God, but no one ever told me how it was supposed to happen. I always wondered what the requirements were to be considered an instrument worthy enough to be used by God. When we look through the Bible, we read many stories about how Moses, David, Paul, Rahab, etc were called and used. All of these people were sinners right before the Lord called them; Moses was a murderer, David was an adulterer, Paul persecuted and killed Christians, and Rahab was a prostitute. Another common factor among these people was that when they were called, they were quick to repent and follow God. Do you fit in with this group?

Your calling may not be through a fire in a burning bush, or an angel or prophet coming to you, but I can assure you that it will come to you somehow. You just have to position yourself in the center of Godís will. Start by recognizing what your talents are and using them to glorify God. Secondly, make sure you are serving God incessantly. Your service to him has to be unconditional and from the heart. God is not going to entrust you with his calling if your love for him and service to him are only skin-deep. Lastly, you have to be in tune with the Spirit man inside of you. Every godly thought you have comes from the spirit within you, and that is your contact with the voice of God, so you have to make sure you rid your thought life of all of its impurities and develop a stronger relationship with the Spirit of God within you.

When you are in the center of Godís will, he burdens your heart with a dream or goal and he equips you with the materials needed to bring the dream into fruition or to accomplish the goal. God doesnít just use anybody, he has to see the potential in you, and even after that, you have to prove yourself worthy to him. What are you doing to position yourself in the center of Godís will? How are you preparing yourself to be used by God?

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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