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And will God not bring about justice for his chosen ones who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? -Luke 18:7

We know that the devil comes at us with different tactics, but why is it that we accept storms and problem situations as ours? Why do people say that we just have to deal with our problems? I say that we accept Jesus and let him deal with our problems. If you are going through financial hardships, do not claim it as yours. Claim victory over it and claim your breakthrough. Don't ever say that you are barren, lonely, sick, poor, dying, or struggling. Instead say that you will be fruitful, happy, rich, alive and well, and breaking through. Say that you are blessed and highly favored. Only speak words of life concerning yourself and your situations.

It is about time that Christians begin to utilize the power of God we have in us. It is time that we begin to prophesy to the dry bones in our lives. It is time that we begin to live as a victorious people. I am not saying that trying times will not come. I am saying that we ought to endure those times as children of the Most High. I am saying that we should not live in defeat, instead we should accept the victory that we have in Jesus Christ, so that our storms do not become permanent situations.

God is telling us that he will bring justice to those who cry unto him day and night. He is telling us to cast our cares upon him and lay our burdens at his feet! Isnít it great to know that we serve a father that loves us so much that he takes on our problems and make them his own. He even became sin for us so that we might live.

You donít have to accept storms! You donít have to accept hardships! Endure them, but give them over to God. I read somewhere that once you have Jesus, the only thing you have to accept is VICTORY! Donít let the devil shake your faith; let your faith shake the devil!!!!!! When a problem situation is thrown at you, lay it at Jesusí feet, and claim your victory. We were called to be conquerors, and conquerors only accept victory. Defeat should not even be in our vocabulary.

Stay blessed and spread the word.

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