Hind's Feet Ministry
Dear Lord
By: Rachael Olorunnisola

Dear Lord,
Can you hear me calling?
I need you right now,
For I am quickly falling

They said you could heal all wounds,
Here it is Lord,
Heal my soul,
Restore my faith

You shed light into the darkness of the blind,
You rejuvenate the lifeless legs of the cripple,
You breathe life into the dead,
Tell me you can heal my soul

I know Iím not deserving of your favour,
But I am willing to give anything for it,
What else can I do?
Where else can I go?

I turned to my family,
They wiped my tears,
But they couldnít heal my soul,
They couldnít see my fears

I turned to my friends,
They promised me that everything would become right again,
But they wouldnít mend my broken heart,
They wouldnít fix me within.

I turned to lust
But it only made me weaker
He broke my heart Lord,
And now Iím falling even faster.
Can your angels catch me?
Fear is taking me over
Can you please hold me?
I am so petrified!

Please Lord,
Take hold of my hands,
Tell me you forgive me
Before I drown in this quick sand

I am so sorry Lord
I admit that I am unworthy,
I donít care what the price may be
Just tell me you still care

I love you Lord
I was just too curious
My soul is slowly dying
Please heal me Lord!!!

Dear Lord,
You are the only Saviour I know
I donít know why I made you my last resort
Please just donít let me go.

Sincerely yours again,

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